How Much Time Do You Spend in a Queue for the Toilets at Rock Festivals?

You are at Glastonbury or Electric Picnic or T inside Park or any of the mega-rock festivals that run during the Summer inside the Northern Hemisphere. The sun is shining & your best friends are together with you. Your favourite act is going to go on stage and you’re stuck inside a queue for that ladies. And you have had the experience for an hour already!

Later that night you happen to be tucked in your sleeping bag and nature calls. You fight the impulse but you’re losing. You have to find your torch. You have to find your shoes. You have to crawl over your two other friends to get out of the tent. They thank you for waking them. You have to walk inside dark on the loos. And when you return you must climb over your two friends paying attention to their endearing verbal reactions while you do.

You have two more days and nights to travel. Surely someone, somewhere has created a solution to this challenge?

And then you definitely observe that neither of one’s friends have gone the tent when nature calls. In fact, they have stayed within their sleeping bags. And, to make matters worse you understand that these were rocking inside the mosh pit in your favourite whilst you were in the queue for the toilets! What is their secret?

Smiling both of them examine each other before letting you know that they can too were just like you last summer. But in 2010 within their local camping store the assistant suggested they examine the array of portable urinals. At first they thought it was a tale. But then the assistant asked ‘How several hours did you girls spend in a very toilet queue recently?’ and both of them knew this became worth looking at.

There a wide range of portable urinals available but finding one that’s well suited for females is a bit more challenging. But there are now a number of good options which are pretty much easily obtainable. Here is an overview of the top three:

Shewee is often a portable urinating device for females. It can be a moulded, water-repellent plastic funnel that allows women to urinate whilst standing or sitting and without removing clothes. It is perfect for outdoor pursuits and long car journeys or for travelling abroad, and it is entirely on prescription for all forms of medical purposes.

Whiz Freedom is similar towards the SheWee. It is often a guide funnel to use with urinals to permit women to urinate in sitting, standing and lying positions. The guide allows the consumer to urinate without splashes and without having to undress. The urine guide may be folded away it uses very little then it might be transported in the bag or pocket.

Uriwell is an unisex, portable, flexible urinal with the anti-spill, anti-odour lid. Like the others it could be used in a position. Because it is a complete urinal it might be used in a very tent or car & closed for emptying within the morning. Uriwell too is entirely on prescription.

All products are available for sale online and the majority are now stocked by good camping & adventure stores.

So this year skip the queues on the ladies toilets and avoid the night-time trips too. Enjoy your summer – you deserve it.