Easy Campfire Meals for Dinner

Sitting around the campfire at night is amongst the pleasures of camping. Its better yet if you have easy campfire meals to cook on the coals. The give an impression of the cooking always brings hungry campers in for a good dinner. Easy camp meals could be one pot meals of stew or grilled chicken within the coals or meals that everyone reaches help you with that the camping ground cook plans and supervises. The dinners that everyone takes a part in are a couple of the most popular easy campfire meals.

Hobo Dinners

Hobo dinners are foil wrapped meals which are cooked directly inside coals of an fire. he basic ingredients are a handful of sort of meat, potatoes, other vegetables and seasonings. The possibilities for variety are endless. I like to assemble the ingredients to the dinner available with the high quality tin foil to wrap it in and let everyone build their particular meal. Don’t skimp about the tin foil and make certain that the foil packages are wrapped up well and sealed before they go to the coals. Nothing is more disappointing to drag out your meal in order to find every one of the juice has drained out and its particular burnt and dry.

Sausage on the Stick

This is the one other easy campfire meal that everybody cooks on their own within the fire. You’ll need biscuit dough (homemade or refrigerated), hot dogs and other sausages and skewers to cook them on. Wrap the sausages within the biscuit dough and cook over hot coals. The meal is ready in the event the biscuit dough is cooked through. Serve with mustard and relish, no need for buns!