30 Camping Food No Cooking No Refrigeration Ideas

Keeping a cooler cold while camping can be a trouble. Often simply bringing one is impossible.

However what is the alternative?

There are a lot of scrumptious foods that you can bring outdoor camping that need no refrigeration at all.

We are so utilized to just reaching into the refrigerator for our milk, cheese, eggs, meats, and even fruits and veggies.

No Refrigeration

1. Velveeta or Cheese Whiz
If the term “cheese item” doesn’t bother you, these yummy cheese substitutes are great when a refrigerator isn’t offered. Drizzle them on tortilla chips to make some nachos, or melt it over pasta to make a simple campfire mac and cheese.

2. Honey
Both natural and sweet, squirt-bottle honey is a simple option for including something sweet to tea, coffee, biscuits, and toast.

3. Bisquick
This floury mix is how numerous tasty breakfast foods start. Pancakes, waffles, biscuits and more. Bring along some baking powder and you’ll have no issue utilizing it without eggs and milk.

4. Dried Herbs and Spices
Your food doesn’t need to do not have flavor even if you are camping. And the very best part is none of the dried herbs and spices require to be cooled. Cumin for your salsa, oregano for your spaghetti, and of course salt for, well … everything.

5. Canned Evaporated Milk
If, like me, you shiver at the idea of being without milk for a couple of days however keeping your dairy cold is going to be difficult, you actually have 2 choices. Evaporated milk in a can has ended up being one of the staples I constantly have around your house and on a camping trip.

While I might not use this to lighten my coffee, it is an actually great substitute for any recipe that requires milk. It might not taste precisely the exact same, but hey, you’re camping, and you might find you like it much better.

6. Powdered Milk or Soy
Your second option in the milk department is to buy it powdered. In a pinch it, it acts as an excellent substitute, particularly for coffee. Believe it or not, you can use it for your cereal too.

Add some to cold water till you get the taste you like and dump in your Wheaties. Vegan or have a milk allergic reaction? No issue. They also sell powdered soy!

7. Dry Lentils and Beans
Rice and beans– the camper’s go to food. But truly, dry beans are an excellent addition to your camp kitchen that will not take up a lot of space and don’t need any refrigeration.

Keep in mind for both beans and lentils, they can take a while to cook. Soak them in a pot of water overnight and you will have a much simpler time getting them soft when you boil them the next day.

8. Bread
Taking its location beside milk as guy’s ultimate staple, bread is an excellent filler when you are loading light and do not wish to take up room in the cooler. Toast, sandwiches, French toast, or a side for supper.

9. Soy Sauce
Believing of frying up some veggies and rice on your cook range? Bring along some soy sauce. This Asian sauce is so salted, a little goes a long way, and it can go right back on the shelf after opening.

10. Butter
Some individuals do not know that you in fact don’t need to cool butter. We keep ours out on the counter in a covered dish all the time so it is soft and spreadable. However take care, it will be extremely soft and easily mushed. And if it gets warm enough you might have an oily mess. Keep it in a container with a lid that seals.

11. Bouillon

Such an excellent seasoning, bouillon is available in beef, veggie, and chicken flavor. It is a great method to make broths for soup on the go.

12. Individual Mayonnaise, Mustard, Ketchup and Relish Packets

You understand when you get take-out and they send you house with those little condiment packages? They work perfectly for camping! While their larger cousins, like a tub of mayo, require to be cooled immediately after opening, these little packets are single serve and need no refrigeration. Just toss the package when you are done.

13. Potatoes
They make French fries. Enough stated. However seriously, potatoes are exceptionally flexible, simple to cook in a range of ways and stay great for an actually long time.

14. Oil
How does anyone cook without it? You can use it to fry up basically anything, dip bread in it, or grease a pan. Oil is something you must definitely put in your cooking fundamentals with the included bonus that it doesn’t need any cooling.

No Cooking Required

1. Jarred Salsa and Queso
Jarred salsa and queso have actually come a long way, and while they are no match for the homemade version, they are a terrific choice at the picnic table. Put them out as a dip with tortilla chips or use them to season tacos and quesadillas.

2. Wasabi Peas

Homemade Dry Spice Wasabi Peas as an Appetizer
This little snack will separate the guys from the boys with their extremely spicy bite. But as soon as you get a taste for these crunchy little treats you won’t have the ability to stop.

3. Treat and Energy Bars
Cliff Bars, Lara Bars therefore many more. These brand names have actually made a killing off of the camping and treking neighborhood. And for great factor. Easy, light, little, and loaded with protein, fiber and fat, these little treats are an excellent choice when you are far from home and aren’t able to prepare a meal.

4. Pop Tarts
Kids and university student have learned to reside on these. They are a breakfast junk food, up there with cocoa puffs. But they are super simple, come in private wrappers and have a shelf life of a twinkie … well nearly. Try the unfrosted ones if you are searching for something a little much healthier.

5. Raisins
Raisins are loaded with energy and fiber, along with other great things like minerals and vitamins. If you want to jazz them up a bit you can get them chocolate or yogurt dipped.

6. Fresh Fruits
Many fresh fruits can be continued the counter or in a knapsack before being cut open. A few of the ones that take a trip well are berries, lemons, kiwi, bananas, mangoes, pears, avocado, oranges, and melons.

We love to get peaches and apples from the farm base on the method to our camping site in the summer season and fall. However remember, once cut open, they will not last long.

7. Fresh Vegetables
A lot of vegetables hold well without being refrigerated too. Try to find the veggies that your grocer keeps in bins rather than the refrigerated area. Some excellent ones are corn on the cob, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, onions, garlic, eggplant, and green beans. Like the fruits, much of these veggies, like cucumbers and tomatoes, will need some chilling when you cut into them. Best to simply consume them up.

8. Dry Cereal
What is easier than a bowl of cereal? Some are even fantastic to consume dry, without your powdered milk mix, like Cheerios, Frosted Mini Wheats, Fruit Loops and Cocoa Puffs.

9. Fruit Cups
We used to open a tin of fruit cocktail for lunches as a kid. And now these little fruits are available in separately portioned cups. Now most of them remain in genuine fruit juice instead of heavy syrup too.

10. Chocolate

Broken milk chocolate bar isolated on white background

It can quickly make or break any outdoor camping journey. Be it in a candy bar, a warm cup of cocoa or between a graham and mallow, chocolate is important. Eat it prior to it melts!

11. Nuts
The varieties and tastes of nuts appear endless. From habanero almonds to honey roasted peanuts. They are a delicious snack, a terrific source of fats and protein and will never see the within a fridge.

12. Dried Fruit
Dried fruits are great in a mix but they are likewise good simply on their own. Sugared pineapples, banana chips, mango slices, yum!

13. Canned Meats and Fish
Canned meats get a bad wrap but you can get your protein and meat fix without having to refrigerate it.

Deviled ham makes a fantastic sandwich, as does tuna (break out those private mayo packages!), canned chili is a great alternative to contribute to your campfire nachos, and Vienna sausages are an excellent replacement in your pork ‘n’ beans campfire supper.

14. Canned Vegetables and Beans
Canned veggies and beans are a terrific option when you are aiming to prevent the mess and time it requires to prepare fresh veggies and dried beans. All you require is a can opener and a spork.

15. Jerky

Jerky is great for any camper, however especially for backpackers who are searching for something to chew on along the way, as well as a way to replenish their salts as they sweat down the path. Jerky can be found in numerous tastes these days and if you have a dehydrator you can make it at home for a lot less.

16. Trail Mix

It is the essential campers’ and hikers’ treat. It will give you energy and fill up your stomach. The very best part is you can buy it for a no-fuss choice, however you can also make your own custom mix (again with the help of a dehydrator). Add all the things you enjoy from salty to sweet to spicy.